Beacon Hill in 'State of Shock' Over Sal DiMasi Testimony

Beacon Hill in ‘State of Shock’ Over Sal DiMasi Testimony. So now it’s not just U.S. Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz who’s making Beacon Hill very nervous. Former speaker Sal DiMasi, who yesterday afternoon was mysteriously listed as “in transit” from his federal prison in Lexington, Ky., is returning to Massachusetts, most likely to testify before a federal grand jury over Ortiz’s investigation into the state Probation Department. “People are in a state of shock that he’s coming back to testify,’’ a Beacon Hill lobbyist told the Globe. “There are a lot of nervous people around.’’  []

Southie Pride is No Jersey Shore Redux. SallyAnn Salsano, aka the creative genius we can all thank for bringing Jersey Shore into our lives, is working on a docu-series on working women in Southie, which the Hollywood Reporter calls a “notoriously insular and hardscrabble Boston neighborhood.” What to expect from the show? Something that’s a little more Real Housewives than Jersey Shore. “Spend some time with the women of South Boston, and you quickly learn that pride runs deep, family comes first, and that their friendships and rivalries are forever,” says Salsano. “And, their accents are wicked awesome.”  [Hollywood Reporter]

Gisele Tells Tom Brady: ‘You Played the Best Game of Your Life.’ Of course, the rest of us know that isn’t quite true, but it’s a sweet moment between two people who love each other. Meanwhile, the blame from Pats fans is shifting in the Brady/Bundchen household: yesterday it was Tom, today it’s Gisele.  [TMZ]

A Red Sox Update Now That No One Cares About Football. A round-up of the five players who are under the most pressure in 2012.  [Bleacher Report]

Esplanade 2020 Study Will Be Unveiled Thursday. Possible plans include park enhancements like more pedestrian pathways, a cafe, and maybe — just maybe — a plan for keeping anyone and everyone out of the area after dark.  []