Whitey Bulger is Godzilla

You have to hand it to Whitey Bulger’s criminal defense attorney, James Carney, who told the Globe that Bulger will take the stand during his own now-delayed trial to out whatever federale gave him immunity to allegedly kill at will. Seems like that might exclude a more traditional I didn’t do it defense, but no matter.

Here’s the thing that really gets me: Carney has made Herald columnist Howie Carr look like the voice of reason, which maybe even his fans will agree, is not his typical style.

Whitey is not going to take the stand, because even if he does a wonderful job explaining to the jury that he had a deal with the Justice Department that permitted his alleged killings and robberies, the best he can hope for on cross-examination is to look like a misguided, hyper-violent monster that people brought on themselves — the same basic story as Godzilla.

I suppose that means Howie Carr is Mothra.