Whole Foods Agrees to Buy Six Johnnie's Foodmaster Leases

Whole Foods Agrees to Buy Six Johnnie’s Foodmaster Leases.Though the details of the deal are not disclosed, it includes the stores in Arlington, Brookline, Charlestown, Melrose, Somerville (Beacon Street), and South Weymouth. Whole Foods officials say the plan is to remodel then reopen the stores as Whole Foods by fall 2013. “The time was right to make this change for our company,” Johnnie’s Foodmaster owner John DeJesus said in a statement. “I am confident that we have found the best partner that offers the most positive outcome not only for our employees but for the communities as well.”  [Boston.com]

Just Another Round-up of Hurricane Sandy Predictions. Who can’t read too many predictions and analysis of the whens, wheres, whys (?!?), and hows of Hurricane Sandy?  [The Internet]

Boston’s Version of Bottle Service. The Boston Licensing Board, as it continues to take an elusive stance on a glass of “free” wine at expensive hotels upon check-in, did approve of something on Thursday: bottle service at Bijou. Or at least the Boston version of “bottle service,” which requires assigned seating and a commissioner to stand tableside to pour and keep tabs. So basically tableside bartending at Bijou, that’s what they approved.  [Universal Hub]

Massachusetts Fines Citigroup $2 Million for Improper Disclosures About Facebook IPO. In Friday’s announcement, Secretary of State William Galvin’s office said Citigroup failed to supervise a junior and a senior analyst who gave confidential information about Facebook’s initial public offering to the media. The junior analyst was fired.  [AP]

Which Side Are You On in This Friendly Daily Commute Reminder? Posting this because … it’s Friday.  [via Reddit]