Advice for the $550 Million Powerball Winner from Big Lottery Winners

Lottery Winners Share Advice for the $550 Million Powerball Winner. The potential, yet-to-be-known winner of the $500 million Powerball jackpot, drawn tonight, received some unsolicited advice from multimillionaire lotto winners, whose lives were changed by winning loads of cash. Their advice? Don’t live too large too quickly, and know who your friends are. “Being able to manage your emotions before you do anything sudden is one of the biggest things,” says Paul Golden, spokesman for The National Endowment for Financial Education. “If you’ve never had the comfort of financial security before, if you were really eking out a living from paycheck to paycheck, if you’ve never managed money before, it can be really confusing. There’s this false belief that no matter what you do, you’re never going to worry about money again.”  [WBZ]

Boston Outranks New York on List of Richest Metros in U.S. Boston ranked seventh and New York City came in eighth on The Bureau of Economic Analysis’s 2011 personal income report, which ranks the country’s wealthiest metropolitan areas by personal income per capita.  [The Atlantic]

The Globe Is All Doom and Gloom for Mayor Menino and Governor Patrick. Maybe, possibly it’s a coincidence that Scot Lehigh spells the end of the Menino era on the same day that Brian McGrory writes that Patrick’s governorship is falling off a cliff … while also managing to eek out a reference to Will Farrel’s The Campaign.  [Globe]

Customer Complains About Pigalle, Pigalle Takes Customer to Task. After a disgruntled Thanksgiving customer took to Pigalle’s Facebook page to complain about the “really horrible pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving,” a series of responses (apparently from Pigalle chef/owner Marc Orfaly) told the customer to go f*** herself and to never come back and that she’s fat.  [Eater]

Lawyers Will Offer Advice on How to Open a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Massachusetts. A series of seminars will review the ins and outs of medical marijuana in Massachusetts for potential sellers and buyers.  []