The Bruins Are Sorry They Took So Long

The NHL lockout is over. The B's hope to make it up to you.

The NHL lockout is over, but before the pucks officially drop, a whole bunch of the Bruins would like to say sorry.

“We have to apologize for another lockout, but we appreciate everyone’s support throughout this time.”
Brad Marchand

“I hope that we can replace the intense negativity brought on our sport with a reminder of how great it can be when the action is on the ice.

“From my grandparents to our B’s fans, I am deeply sorry that we had to miss so much hockey. All we can do now is play our hearts out for you.”
Andrew Ference

“Happiest for you fans. Sorry that it took so long Lets [sic] put the lockout behind us and look forward to some hockey.”
Milan Lucic

“Hopefully we can move on from here. We’re going to play our hearts out for the next 48 games, and do it for the fans out there.”
Tyler Seguin

Contrition is appreciated, but come on. I don’t blame the lockout on the players. Where’s Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs’ apology? On the team web site there’s one measly statement, from team president Cam Neely:

“We are all very excited that the NHL and the NHLPA have reached a tentative agreement, and we look forward to dropping the puck and playing Bruins Hockey in front of our fans at the TD Garden soon.”

I’m excited for hockey, but like Puck Daddy’s Ryan Lambert says, it’s OK to forgive the NHL, but don’t forget:

Never forget this was a lockout. Never forget this was put upon you and the players and the sport by the owners. Never forget the two biggest engines in all this weren’t poor, put-upon teams in tough markets, but rather financial giants whose sole motivation was greed and the desire to squeeze just an extra dime or two out of every dollar spent. They certainly accomplished their goal.