The Demise of American Airlines at Logan

American Airlines' Demise at Logan Airport. American Airlines has dialed back its service out of Logan from the early 2000s, and now just flies direct to six cities from Boston. “We hate to see any airline that has been a strong player here at Logan scale their operations down,” Edward Freni, director of aviation for the Massachusetts Port Authority, told the Globe. “Fortunately for this airport, other airlines have benefited from American’s reduction and picked up and backfilled behind them.”  [Globe]

Rev. Eugene Rivers Has a Great Description of Mayor Menino's State of the City Entrance. “That dude didn’t just walk into this hall tonight, you understand,” Rivers told the Herald. “Tommy, man, he gangsta-walked in here, you hear what I’m sayin’? The message the man sent out to all those pretenders to the throne was, 'Any of you wanna piece of this?'” Now feels like a good time to re-watch this video of another politician walking to the podium like a boss.  [Herald]

Construction at Filene's Could Begin as Soon as April. Pending a lease in the new tower. Ad agency Arnold Worldwide is reportedly in negotiations for the space.  []

Two Members of Congress Demand An Explanation for Aaron Swartz Charges. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland) sent a letter to the Justice Department requesting an explanation for why it decided to prosecute Swartz.  [Wired]

When Massachusetts Healthcare Isn't a Model for Obamacare. Josh Archambault highlights some of the major differences in the first of a two-part series.  [Forbes]