Ed Markey's Website Needs Some Help

Seriously, how can his website be this lame?

Ed Markey fever! Catch it! We've known the Malden Democrat is running for weeks, but the longtime Congressman has finally officially launched his campaign to fill John Kerry's vacated U.S. Senate seat (or, as I call it, the People's Other Seat), holding a kickoff event over the weekend at his childhood YMCA. Today, he's out campaigning for gun control. The Globe's Noah Bierman has the proof:

Now, suppose you're just finding out about this Ed Markey character and like what he's got to say, but want to learn more. Where do you go to do that? His website, of course. One problem. As WGBH's Adam Reilly pointed out last week, there's nothing on it. All you can do on Ed Markey's campaign website is donate money or sign up for email updates. Check it out:

There's no bio, no position outlines, not even a smiling picture of Markey glad-handling with constituents (seriously, that little photo he used there just looks like he lifted it from his Facebook profile or something). The most interesting thing about the website is that, in the background pic of Fenway Park, they went to the trouble to white out the “FENWAY PARK” sign. Because seriously, it's so hard to tell what ballpark that is without the label.

Considering that it's now been over a month since Markey announced his plans to run, it's baffling and more than a little JV that his campaign can't even manage a decent website. The congressman and his staffers could definitely take a lesson from departing state rep David Sullivan, the owner of the greatest political website of all time, and, in the meantime, they should be be very grateful that Scott Brown has decided not to run.