Kevin Garnett Is Not Impressed By Craig Sager’s Suit

During an interview with TNT's sideline reporter, the fashion-forward Celtic made his feelings known.

According to Twitter, the biggest story of the NBA All-Star game seemed to be Craig Sager’s outfit. On Sunday night, TNT’s sideline reporter, whose choice in suits rivals only former Bruins coach and longtime hockey pundit Don Cherry, had on a sport coat so ugly that Kevin Garnett felt the need to say something.

“You look like a Christmas ornament,” Garnett told him.

Seriously, the black and silver blazer looked something an ABA-era San Antonio Spurs mascot would’ve worn. I doubt Garnett will appear on Project Runway as a judge anytime soon, but as we’ve pointed out, for a pro athlete, he’s fairly fashion forward. His teammates aren’t slouches, either. In fact, there’s now a Pinterest board called “Hipster Celtics” that highlights some of the Celtics’ duds. Mostly it’s Rajon Rondo, but ’70s-era Tommy Heinsohn makes an appearance.