Officials Are Investigating an Accident Between a Cyclist and Boston Police Cruiser

A man on a bike was brought to the hospital after sustaining injuries in the crash on Tuesday.

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As the mayoral candidates vying for Mayor Tom Menino’s seat discuss ways to make the streets safer for cyclists, and new legislation to enforce stricter fines for drivers who impede the rights-of-way of bikers lingers on Beacon Hill, officers from the Boston Police Department are investigating an accident between a rider and a police cruiser that occurred on Tuesday.

According to police reports, at 8:36 a.m., on July 9, officers responded to a call for a motor vehicle accident involving a bicyclist and a car at 24 New Chardon St.

On arrival, police discovered a 63-year-old man had been struck by an officer driving a police cruiser close to the station located in the area near Government Center. The report said the cyclist was treated by Emergency Medical Service personel for non-life threatening injuries, and was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital for further evaluation.

According to the report, officers spoke to the police official who was on scene when the accident occurred, and he confirmed that he was the driver behind the wheel of the police cruiser involved in the crash. The officer was transported to Tufts Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries, police said.

The crash investigation lasted through the afternoon as sections of New Chardon Street were closed down while officials tried to determine what happened. A photo captured by Metro Boston showed the police cruiser with its doors open, and the passenger’s side mirror hanging off of the vehicle on the same side that the victim’s bike was located on the road.

Detectives assigned to the Boston Police Department’s Accident Reconstruction Team are currently investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding this accident. At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation and no violations or charges have been issued.

When police posted the news to their official Facebook page, as always, commentary about cyclist and driver behavior started rolling in:


The accident occurred just days after mayoral candidates weighed in on what could be done to make the roads safer for cyclists, including adding new designated bike lanes, and implementing helmet laws.

Recently, bike advocacy groups pedaled their way to Beacon Hill and pushed for stricter laws to hold drivers accountable for bike accidents and hostile interactiosn with those on two wheels.