Remy Won’t Be Back in the Broadcasting Booth This Season

The sports icon has decided to take time off after his son was charged with murder.

Photo via BostonCollegeFlickr

Photo via BostonCollegeFlickr

In an announcement Thursday night on Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy’s behalf, officials from NESN said the long-time sports analyst would not return to his job for the remainder of the season following the arrest of his son, who was charged with murder.

Jared Remy, 34, was arrested and charged with murdering his girlfriend, Jennifer Martel, on August 16. According to police, Jared stabbed Martel multiple times at her Waltham apartment complex while the couple’s daughter was in the house.

The elder Remy said he hopes to come back in the spring, but for now, he is dealing with “this nightmare.”

“I am full of grief for the Martel family. My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to them,” Remy said in a statement delivered by NESN on Thursday night. “My wife and I are sick about this senseless tragedy. It’s clear this isn’t the time for me to return to broadcasting Red Sox games. I thank NESN and the Red Sox for their support.”

A former Red Sox teammate of Remy’s, Dennis Eckersley, has been filling his slot as the investigation into Martel’s murder in Waltham continues.

According to prosecutors from the Middlesex District Attorney’s office, Jared Remy was charged with the stabbing death of Martel just days after he was detained for allegedly assaulting her. After the first alleged incident police released Remy on personal recognizance.

Outraged by the fact that Remy was let out of jail after allegedly assaulting Martel, leading to her murder, people called for changes in state law, in the form of a petition, when it comes to offenders being released after committing certain crimes.

Both District Attorney Marian Ryan, who is handling the case, and Attorney General Martha Coakley, have agreed that the incident regarding Remy’s release should be thoroughly reviewed.

An internal investigation into why prosecutor’s didn’t request bail after Jared Remy assaulted Martel is underway by former Essex District Attorney Kevin Burke and Norfolk County Assistant District Attorney Jeanmarie Carroll at the behest of the Massachusetts Bar Association.