Celtics’ Jared Sullinger Arrested for Domestic Violence

This hasn't been the best year for the Boston sports world and crime, has it?


Photo Credit: Mariseelise on Flickr

Updated: Boston Celtics forward Jared Sullinger was arrested over the weekend on domestic violence related charges of assault and battery, malicious destruction of property, and witness intimidation.

Authorities say Sullinger’s girlfriend called police to report him after he pinned her the bed and refused to let her leave or call police after she confronted him on the suspicion he’d cheated on her.

Sullinger pled not guilty in court today. Even so, he apologized to fans in a statement:

The experience was humbling and embarrassing for me. Yet I know that this situation has brought both sorrow and embarrassment to my girlfriend, my family, the Boston Celtics organization, my teammates, and my fans. To all of you, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

The Celtics issued a concerned statement of their own:

The Celtics were disappointed to learn of the allegations against Jared and are currently gathering more information on the situation, which we are taking very seriously. We will reserve further comment until such point that we have sufficient additional information.

Sullinger made it into the starting lineup last season before a backup injury sidelined him. He rehabbed over the summer and ESPN notes he was expected to step up to fill the vacancies left by the departures of the Celtics bigger names. That prospect seems less certain after the weekend’s news.

And, of course, any domestic dispute inevitably brings to mind the terrible story of Jared Remy, Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy’s son, who is accused of murdering his wife just days after he was released from jail for abusing her. Pair that with the high-profile crimes of Aaron Hernandez and you get the feeling that the Boston sports universe has had better news cycle phases.

Even so, Sullinger’s lawyer urged the judge not to consider Remy’s case. He was released on bail and ordered not to contact his girlfriend except by phone or when a third party was present.