David Ortiz Applauding Himself Is Your GIF of Game 5

Big Papi is having an outrageous World Series.

All that #HowGame5WillEnd anticipation aside, there weren’t any standout head-scratching moments during Game Five of the World Series. It was a fairly brief, smooth game of baseball. So in the the absence of any weird pick-offs or obstruction calls, let’s select a game-summarizing GIF—as we’ve been doing throughout the series—that reflects the sentiments of those watching at home as the Red Sox took a 3-1 victory over the Cardinals.

David Ortiz is, to state the obvious, killing it. Monday night, he set the tone with an RBI double during the first inning, and followed it up with two more hits. That means he’s batting .733 in this series. .733! That’s to say nothing of the leadership role he’s taken on in drawing out big performances from his teammates. So here’s Papi arriving at second base after his double and applauding. There’s no leaping with joy, because it was early on and also, no one was surprised to see him on base. No need to clap, David. There’s a lot of people applauding for you.


GIF via @NAWTADIGM on Twitter