Three Nights In Jail For Partying Too Hard

Some BU students were harshly disciplined for their series of Allston bashes.

Photo By Olga Khvan

Photo By Olga Khvan

Four Boston University students spent a few days behind bars, and faced a judge in court, after they pushed the legal limit and hosted two out-of-control shindigs.

According to BU Today, the school’s source for updates and happenings around campus,  Sawyer Petrick, 19; John Pavia, 20; Micahel Olcorn, 20; and Terry Bartrug, 20, appeared in Brighton District Court on Friday to face charges of keeping a disorderly house. All four were released on personal recognizance.

Officials said each student was released on the conditions that they adhere to quiet hours between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Sundays through Thursdays, and from midnight to 6 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Neither the defendants nor any other individuals may enter or exit the house where the parties occurred during those times, and all four students have to remain drug and alcohol free. They also have to report to probation every two weeks, and can’t leave Massachusetts until completing community service requirements.

The jail time and subsequent court appearance were the result of the students breaking conditions of their probation, which was set a year prior, in September 2013, after police responded to their residence on Linden Street to break up a large gathering where underage students were allegedly putting back beers.

The house was apparently on the police radar even before the first party back in September, based on “numerous complaints,” BU Today said. When police responded to the first party, they said more than 200 people were in the house, and they shut off the lights and quieted down when officers made themselves known. Police said inside the house they smelled marijuana, and found at least one underage drinker.

The four students living there pleaded not guilty in court and were put on probation, which included keeping guests out of the house.

But it seems the students couldn’t resist.

Reports indicate that the most recent party, which happened on January 26, is what pushed police and the courts over the edge, and led to the students being detained. The most recent incident led to a judge revoking the students’ bail, and as a result they were held at the Nashua Street Jail this week while waiting for their pretrial hearing in Brighton.

While the jail time may sound a bit surprising, the fact that Boston Police, in conjunction with the university, are cracking down on big gatherings is nothing new to the school’s community. Boston University has been running an alcohol enforcement campaign for the past few years, and updating students almost weekly about all arrests and party breakups as they occur over the weekends.

They have also been targeting “problem properties,” like the house on Linden Street in Allston, to keep the raucous behavior to a minimum. The increased police presence and subsequent crackdown stemmed from incidents in 2011 and 2012, when roughly 200 BU students were transported to area hospitals for being overly intoxicated.

The unusual circumstances surrounding the jail time, of course, brought out a chorus of complaints from students that attend the school. Here’s a snippet of some opinions posted to BU’s website:

“It was just a party, won’t be the first, won’t be the last.”

“What the heck kind of crime is “keeping a disorderly house”? How did the MA lawyers on the legislature dream up a way to get this charge around the 4th amendment? Is it not my right to keep my house as I desire?”

“I mean yeah, a college party. Let’s ruin those kids lives. God forbid BU help have responsible parties instead of forcing them underground. You really shouldn’t have any fun while mortgaging your future away.”