Curt Schilling Spent a Day Arguing Against Evolution on Twitter

The former pitcher engaged in a long internet argument in favor of creationism.

What is man? Where did he come from? What is the meaning of life?

Deep, existential questions like these have plagued us since the dawn of time. And if ever there was a medium to discuss them in our modern world, let’s all go ahead and agree that it’s Twitter. Yes, Twitter, with its 140 character limit and culture of civility, seems like just the spot. And, oh, if ever there was a man to take on these questions and moderate the debate, lets agree that it is former Major League pitcher and would-be video game mogul Curt Schilling.

Schilling, known for his somewhat confrontational Twitter style, tweeted out a link to a YouTube video calling the theory of evolution into question. When followers responded critically, he then engaged in a long (seriously, like 12 hours long) back and forth in support of his beliefs. Across several tweets, for instance, he wrote, “After 2000+ years when not one piece of evidence has been discovered, and in fact… every SINGLE archeological regarding the Bible has NOT discredited it, but actually affirmed it’s validity. Nothing you can point to that discredits ONE line of any of it…”

He then focused much of his time on holes in the fossil record.

Without engaging in the scientific allegations being tossed around, this much is clear: After a while, reading through Schilling’s Twitter stream starts to feel like falling down the deepest, darkest black holes of internet comment threads on Yahoo News articles. Schilling, though, was prepared to take the heat:

We’d call this a lesson for Schilling in the futility of internet debate—so much tweeting… so little shifting in opinions… But this is not his first time at the Twitter rodeo. He seems to know what he’s doing, to enjoy it even when in a certain mood. So don’t expect this to be the last you here from @gehrig38. Not by any means.