Watch These Angry New Yorkers Yell at a Fake Green Monster

It's amazing what a little green paint can do.

At the corner 21st and 3rd Avenue in New York City’s Gramercy Park neighborhood, surrounded Cleo Spa and Salon, China King, and a pub named Pug Uglies, paint company Benjamin Moore erected a replica Green Monster.

Best of all, it talks, haranguing sleeveless New Yorkers in a Boston brogue and even evoking the Yankees’ epic collapse in 2004 by making choking noises at passersby (Surprisingly, Reggie Miller was unavailable for added effect). The only thing it doesn’t do is ask how your mother’s doing.

Benjamin Moore devised the stunt to promote its Fenway Collection of paints, including “Green Monster,” “Boston Blue,” “Foul Pole Yellow,” and “Baseline White.” Missing from the collection are “$20 Bud Light Yellow,” “Peanut Shell Beige,” and “Fenway Frank Burnt Sienna.” For an added treat, watch the video with the sound off. Much has been written, both on the banks of the Charles and the Hudson, about Boston’s inferiority complex and its inability to laugh at itself. Watching New Yorkers staring at and subsequently verbally berating an inanimate wall makes that self-assurance gap feel just a little narrower.

The real Green Monster is 37-feet-tall, and has been a part of Fenway Park since its construction in 1912. It didn’t receive its signature sea-foam green paint-job until 1947. Prior to then, it was known simply as “The Wall.”