Moving Truck Crashes into Westwood’s East Street Bridge in Spectacular Fashion

Is it Storrow season already?

Moving truck

Moving truck crashes like the one depicted above—often seen on Storrow Drive as Boston is flooded with incoming college students each September—have given rise to using “storrow” as a verb. “To storrow” is to attempt forcing a square peg in a round hole, so long as the peg is an unlucky moving truck, and the hole is an overpass of much lower clearance than the driver suspects.

The moving truck involved in Saturday’s crash beneath the East Street bridge in Westwood storrowed—hard.

Crashes like these happen roughly once a month, Westwood Police Lieutenant Leo Hoban told the Boston Globethough Saturday’s crash was the first in two months. Westford Police uploads the most spectacular ones to its YouTube page.

Last month, a tractor-trailer storrowed in Boston, similarly jackknifing its top and wedging itself under the overpass at the height of afternoon rush hour.

You can watch the full video of the East Street bridge crash below.