Someone Yelled ‘Enjoy Your Burger, Racist!’ at Trump in Manchester’s Red Arrow Diner

Burn of the century?

Photo by Kyle Clauss

Photo by Kyle Clauss

The Red Arrow Diner is a delightful little establishment in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire, serving up classic American fare with a few quirks: first-time patrons are “de-virginized” with the clanging of a dinner bell and public decree, and seats at the counter bear tiny placards denoting which famous people sat where. (My last visit, I sat in the same seat as Sen. Lindsay Graham and Adam Sandler’s dad, Stan.)

The only downside is, given its location at the starting block of primary season, Red Arrow Diner is occasionally frequented by megalomaniacal yahoos seeking national office.

Enter one such yahoo. Chinese-made necktie purveyor and Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump visited the Red Arrow Diner after a rally Monday, where he ordered a “Newton burger”—a beef patty and a scoop of fried macaroni and cheese sandwiches between two grilled cheeses—and a Diet Coke. Keep in mind, this is less than one month after Trump’s personal physician declared he would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

While Trump fed on his dairy heap, a South Carolina woman, who identified herself to ABC News only as “Jane,” hollered at him, “Enjoy your burger, racist!”

“I’m really struck by his racism and Islamophobia,” Jane later told ABC News. “I wanted to make sure people remembered that he is racist, and that he’s using it to rally voters…I was shaking all over. I’m still shaking. I did cry for a few seconds because it’s hard being that close to someone who can make such a difference, but know that I wasn’t able to say anything that could impact him.”

When asked if he would make more appearances in small places like the Red Arrow Diner, Trump said he prefers larger venues like the Wyndham hotel he had just packed, and the only reason why a candidate would hold an event in a small diner is “because they can’t get anybody to show up.”