Canada’s Boston Pizza Temporarily Changes Name to ‘Toronto Pizza’

The pennant race is getting a bit cheesy.

The Red Sox are playing games that matter in September. How ’bout it!

Boston is preparing to face the Toronto Blue Jays in season’s most important series yet, with first place in the AL East at stake. The Sox return from a 4-2 West Coast road trip, while the Blue Jays stumbled through a three-game sweep at the hands of a red-hot New York Yankees squad.

Given the stakes, it was only a matter of time before a Canadian pizza chain saw fit to weigh in.

This isn’t the first time Boston Pizza, which has all of zero locations in New England, has changed its name when a Canadian sports team faced Boston in a high-stakes game. As the Montreal Canadiens took on the B’s in the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs, the chain changed its name to Montreal Pizza. In the Finals, it once again changed its name to Vancouver Pizza, in solidarity with the Canucks.

The series kicks off Friday in Toronto.