Sal DiMasi Is Getting Out of Prison

A judge has approved the early release of the ill ex-politician.

Former Massachusetts House Speaker Sal DiMasi, right, listens to his attorney Thomas Kiley outside federal court where DiMasi pleaded not guilty to federal corruption charges Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009, in Boston. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Photo via AP

After a long campaign led by family members who pleaded with federal officials to send him home, Sal DiMasi is finally on his way out of prison.

A judge ruled Thursday that the 71-year-old ex-politician, who is deathly ill, is eligible for a compassionate early release. He will be out on Tuesday.

Prosecutors last month called for U.S. District Court Judge Mark Wolf to consider letting DiMasi free despite having only completed five years of an eight-year term on corruption charges. He is currently serving his sentence at a facility in North Carolina.

“In this case, DiMasi’s age, length of time served, and medical condition constitute ‘extraordinary and compelling reasons’ warranting the requested reduction,” First Assistant U.S. Attorney William D,. Weinreb wrote in a court filing in October.

The decision today came in a 69-page document.

DiMasi, former Massachusetts House Speaker, was convicted in 2011 for accepting payments for diverting contracts to a software company.