Mother Juice Food Truck to Bring Healthy Juices, Smoothies to Boston

Capitalizing on our new juicing fixation, the truck will offer sweet and savory juices, smoothies, and vegan baked goods.

Photo courtesy of Mother Juice

As a city, we’ve got juice on the brain: juice bar Nourish Your Soul opened in West Medford earlier this summer, while Copley Square will be welcoming a fruit and juice bar (dubbed, shockingly, JUICE) later this year. (And keep your eyes peeled for our current issue of the magazine, in which lifestyle editor Courtney Hollands takes on local juice cleanse The Ripe Stuff).

And soon, you’ll be able to get juice on the go, too, thanks to forthcoming food truck Mother Juice. The truck is the brainchild of juice aficionados Claire Schlemme and Ellen Fitzgerald, who recently received funding for their concept via Kickstarter.

In addition to juices in sweet-savory combinations like watermelon-fennel-cucumber and pineapple-cucumber-pepper-basil, there will be vegan smoothies (with a coconut “ice cream” base), baked goods that make use of leftover fruit and veggie pulp, and popsicles.

We love a fattening food truck as much as the next guy (Staff Meal’s frito-stuffed Irene burrito and Mei Mei’s cheesy scallion pancake sandwiches, we’re looking at you), but it’ll be great to have a more waist-friendly option as well. We’ll keep you posted as to when Mother Juice hits the road.

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