What to Expect When Puritan & Co. Opens Next Month

Quahog “stuffie” croquettes served on the half shell. All photos by Rachel Amico.

Last Wednesday, chef Will Gilson presented a preview of his first fully solo endeavor, Puritan & Co., at his father’s farm/restaurant, The Herb Lyceum.

For the uninitiated, Gilson’s restaurant will operate with the goal of straddling the past and present, paying homage to Gilson’s family roots while employing modern techniques and flavor combinations. This means new takes on classic dishes like “stuffies” (stuffed quahogs) and clam chowder, but with subtle Asian and Mediterranean influences as well. As Gilson said after the meal: “The name [Puritan & Co.] puts you into a category, but this is America now – there are a lot of different flavors.” Viva la melting pot.

We were on hand to take photos of the dishes (some of which will make it to the final menu, some of which will not); check them out ahead. — by Rachel Amico

Roasted bone marrow topped with fried onions and pumpernickel, ready to be spread on slices of duck-fat brioche.

Scallops with kewpi mayo, enoki mushrooms, charred onion ash oil, baby turnips, and a gelatinous “veil” of greens.

Confited and crisped lamb belly with homegrown eggplant and pepper puree and a bitter orange and fermented red pepper paste puree. Gilson says this dish is an homage to the time he spent as a cook at Oleana.

A deconstructed take on clam chowder, with Woodbury clams steamed in broth, confited pork belly and homemade oyster crackers.

Cobia  filet served with a puree of parsnips, brown butter- roasted grapes and lemon juice.

Gilson expressed an interest in whole fish butchery, hence this dish, centered on the collar of the Cobia, which was seasoned with soy, miso, and garam masala. (The collar is something that will likely be available in limited supply at the restaurant).

Sous-vide chicken breast, slow-roasted chicken though, and confit chicken leg, all served with ash oil (a popular component throughout the meal), charred onion puree, mushrooms, and local corn.

A Lamb chop wrapped in Merguez sausage , served over Tuscan kale with a side of hay roasted carrots.

Chocolate biscuits piped with chocolate creme brulee and served alongside frozen rooibos mousse.

Root veggie cakes with cream cheese frosting, walnuts, and a black raisin sauce spiked with orange zest.

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