How Local Chefs Plan on Surviving Sandy (Food-Wise, That Is)

We asked, what's your go-to 'stuck in the house' food?

Take a page out of James DiSabatino's book and pour yourself a White Russian. (Photo courtesy of Flickr/The D34n)

Obviously, there are some major necessities when it comes to stocking up for a hurricane: flashlights, candles, and, perhaps most essential, food. We reached out to several local industry insiders—chefs, food truck proprietors, bartenders, and more—to find out what they’ll be cooking up today while stuck inside, in the hopes that it’ll provide inspiration to those stuck with a box of pasta (and, hopefully, a bottle of sriracha).

Check out the answers, ranging from White Russians to pasta fagiole, after the jump. We’ll be updating as we get more responses, and let us know what you’ll be making today in the comments!

“I’m about to make beef stew with barley and red wine.” —Andy Husbands, Tremont 647

“I’m always afraid we will lose power and the milk will go bad, so I’m a huge fan of old school pb&j and White Russians.” — James DiSabatino, Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese truck

“We always have eggs and popcorn in the house, the kind you have to pop yourself. Bacon in the freezer due to some outrageous sale at Whole Foods. Dry pasta and chili flakes. All food in the house is my girlfriends doing, my ‘pantry’ is all liquid. So it looks like some sort of abridged carbonara with a popcorn starter is in order this afternoon.” — Alex Crabb, Asta

“Good pasta, olive oil, wine, Stravecchio Parmesan and salumi are never scarce on our home pantry, we also dry herbs that we plant in our garden such as sage, oregano and rosemary. A wonderful thing to do is to prepare a pasta dish with the basics plus whatever is in the refrigerator or kitchen cabinet. Last night, I made a penne with sage brown butter sauce, dried cranberries (picked from trail mix), and diced butternut squash, garnished with crushed almonds, walnut and pumpkin seeds (from the trail mix).” — Jose Duarte, Taranta

“Spicy fried pasta, works with any noodles but broad egg noodles are the best. Boil till just before al dente—you going to be cooking them again so they need to be firm—and drain. In a saucepan, heat a half stick of butter with just enough olive oil to keep it from burning. Add diced garlic, and if you have it a little diced onion, celery, and/or carrot. Sweat those, then add noodles and toss till they are starting to crisp at the edges. Hit with just a capful of vermouth, sherry or white wine. Move into a big bowl, and add pinches of sea salt, black pepper and sriracha to taste and toss.” — Jackson Cannon, Bar Director, Eastern Standard

“I always have pasta, rice and or other grains at home, as well as jarred tomatoes from the summer. Also beans. So I’d make a pasta fagioli. Filling, satisfying, nutritious. Maybe I’d even go crazy and add a can of tuna in there.” —Dante de Magistris, Dante/Il Casale

“Muffaletta sandwiches, of course!!!” —Kosta Diamantopoulos, All Star Sandwich Bar/All Star Pizza Bar