This Year, Have a Restaurant Cater Your Holiday Party

Tired of the holiday gatherings that seem to have the same tired hors d’oeuvres on rotation? Time to call in the pros.

Photo courtesy of Tatte (read all about their catering services below).

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, and with it comes an onslaught of parties.  To ensure that you have a standout soiree, we’ve done our research. These Boston spots  not only offer up their incredible food, but also their seasoned expertise as caterers for private functions. —by Caroline Hatano


Au Soleil Catering
Au Soleil Catering, the full-service catering company for L’Espalier and Sel de la Terre, has planned everything from large corporate holiday parties to small family gatherings, with as few as 10 people and as many as 1,000. Sample holiday menus include seasonal passed hors d’oeuvres like a wild mushroom risotto with black truffles and almond-crusted lamb lollipops with nicoise olive dressing. The dessert menu is equal parts cozy and classy with options like apple cobbler and chocolate peppermint mousse verrines.

Price range: $36 (cocktail parties)- $55 (dinner) per person

La Morra
Brookline neighborhood favorite La Morra has mastered the art of catering through events like their 275-person Boston Preservation Society party that took place in a building without running water, though they’re also well-versed in the ways of casual catering. The restaurant puts on formal sit down dinners, as well as passed hors d’oeuvre cocktail parties. Party throwers choose from a variety of packages, including a three-course dinner with tempting Italian classics, as well as a variety of specialty cakes dreamed up by their pastry chef.

Price range: $30 – 75 per person

Tremont 647
Tremont 647’s catering company, The Art of the Party, can plan nearly any kind of event, with as much involvement in the planning process as you’d like. They’ve catered events small and large (up to 1,000!), often including setting up the tenting, flowers, and entertainment. If you want to have a more intimate dinner, the company also offers drop-offs of Andy Husbands’ famous BBQ, as well as live-fire cooking to add some spark to the party.

Price range: $17 – 30 per person


Bon Me
This Vietnamese kitchen on wheels could make a curbside appearance at your next event. Or, if you want the noodles without the reminder of where they came from, special platters can be put together for pick up or drop off upon request. Typically, Bon Me serves up traditional menu entrees (sandwiches, noodle salads, and rice bowls), house-made drinks, and sides chosen by the party throwers, giving guests the freedom to choose their own meal. The brains behind the operation can also come up with new food options based on the theme of the party—like when they catered a vegan event at BU last year.

Price range: $6-23 per person for delivery or pickup, $10-35 for full-service catering

The Dining Car
David Harnik, the chef and owner of The Dining Car, capitalizes on his many years in the catering biz to make sure his clients get the most out of their experience—starting with asking the right questions. With an emphasis on natural, local food, The Dining Car has a slew of inventive options for diners—like their interpretation of the classic bacon, egg, and cheese, with soft-cooked quail eggs, house-smoked bacon, and cave-aged cheddar. Three course meals can be served out of their truck, or in a more traditional catering setting (read: with servers and booze) for more formal events like weddings.

Price range: $6 – 20 per person

Ideal for the lunchtime office party, Saus offers delivery of their Liege waffles, “lunch boxes,” and popular dipping sauces by bike to customers within a 1-mile radius of their shop. Those outside of the area are welcome to drop by to pick up their orders hot off the griddle. Waffle boxes come with Saus’ four mouth-watering sweet sauces, while the lunch boxes are packed with potato salad, cookies, a drink, and either a salad, sandwich, or pocket—the most popular of which is the chicken satay.

Price range: $5 – 12.50 per person


Tatte Fine Cookies & Cakes
Since Tatte’s first catering venture for Donna Karan in the Hamptons, the bakery hasn’t slowed down, catering an event almost every day since. Owner Tzurit Or customizes the menu for each party, from the savory to the sweet, and sometimes even creates new items for specific events (on top of her already legendary baked goods). With the launch of a new, upscale catering company, Tatte at Home, on deck for 2013, it doesn’t seem like Tatte will take a break anytime soon.

Price range: $8 – 15 per person for breakfast; $11 – 25 per person for lunch

Perfect for an ice cream social at the office, Tosci packs individual cups for delivery—mostly with traditional flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and sorbet—as well as four dry toppings and fudge, to allow guests some personalization. If you were hoping to customize your menu with some of Tosci’s specialty flavors, don’t fret. Mimi, who’s in charge of their catering operation, will help you in your pursuit. Keep in mind, Tosci only delivers until 4:00 p.m. on weekdays, and can supply the goods for up to 25 people with a 48-hour warning.

Price range: $6 per person

*prices listed reflect the cost of the food, not any additional fees

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