Momogoose Team to Open a “Vietnamese Market”-style Concept

Expect crispy rolls, dumplings, and banh hoi at the new spot, opening near South Station.

Nem Nuong, or fresh rolls with grilled pork patties, from the Momogoose truck. Time will tell if these beauties make it onto the new restaurant menu. Photo via Momogoose.

Early last month, Boston Restaurant Talk reported that the owners of veteran local food truck Momogoose (which specializes in baguettes and rice bowls with pan-Asian fillings like Thai curry, Korean bulgogi beef, and Vietnamese lemongrass chicken) had plans to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant near South Station. We recently spoke with co-owner Tiffany Pham, who informed us that the concept will be different from the truck, and have a different name (which, at this time, is still TBD).

The restaurant will be Vietnamese-focused, with dishes inspired by the type of goods you’d find in food market stalls in Vietnam, says Pham. This means a variety of crispy rolls, “Saigon noodle bowls,” Hanoi soups (aka beef pho), dumplings, and banh hoi (steamed rice vermicelli plates). “We will have a cook that will be changing the specials every day, and the menu will be dynamic and have great variety,” Pham says.

Sounds like it will be a fantastic quick-service addition to the downtown area. As we learn more (Pham hasn’t yet confirmed the specific location, name, or opening date) we will keep you posted.

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