Boston Chefs Made FoMu Alternative Ice Cream Flavors This Fall

Waypoint and Alden & Harlow chef Michael Scelfo and Mida's Douglass Williams offer three unique scoops at the Boston shops.

A location of FoMu Alternative Ice Cream.

A location of FoMu Alternative Ice Cream. / Photo provided

Since FoMu Alternative Ice Cream opened in 2012, its plant-based sweets have spread everywhere. Aside from temporary pop-ups in spots like Fenway and on Newbury Street, it now has three permanent locations in Boston to call home. It’s there where co-owner Deena Jalal is serving the good stuff.

A couple of Boston’s all-star chefs have crafted signature flavors, which will be available exclusively at FoMu’s three brick-and-mortar locations this fall.

Michael Scelfo, the chef behind Alden & Harlow and Waypoint, has created two unique scoops. This month, it’s tart vanilla, blended with roasted parsnips, salted caramel, and dried cherries. In November, Fomu will introduce a smoked chocolate flavor he blended with hazelnut honeycomb.

“I wanted it to be reminiscent of the flavors we do at Alden & Harlow,” Scelfo says. “Since we don’t have the opportunity to make ice cream here because of our space, it was fun to apply those flavors and that style to a sweet, fun project like this.”

Also featured in October is a treat by Douglass Williams, the man behind the soon-to-open Mida in the South End. Stop into FoMu for a scoop of the chef’s sugar pumpkin with black sesame butter.

These flavors are part of a chef collaboration series FoMu launched in July, and Scelfo and Williams are the last two chefs slated to be featured this year. In the summer, Andy Husbands (the Smoke Shop, Tremont 647) shared a sweet tea flavor infused with white peach and ginger, and Rian Wyllie (Deep Ellum, Lone Star Taco Bar) went with brown sugar and bourbon blended with peach compote.

Will Boston see more chefs reveal their own inventive flavors in the future? Better snack these scoops until we find out.

FoMu Alternative Ice Cream, 655 Tremont St., South End, 617-982-7955, and other locations,