The Shoes We Wore #BostonShoes

Judi Dodge60

I grew up in Hamilton, about 30 miles north of Boston and consider Boston “my hometown.” I have so many wonderful memories of going into the Marathon with my sister and dad through the years, to stand at the finish line and cheer the runners on—back in the day when Johnny Kelley ran year after year, and Kevin White was the Mayor of Boston.

I now live in Austin, Texas, and was sickened to hear of the tragic event that took place in Boston on April 15. My heart breaks for all the innocent people who were there for all the right reasons and how a couple of people so twisted in their minds and actions can change so many lives. I will never understand how humans with such harmful intentions toward others can walk this earth. I love Boston with all my heart and know the Marathon will continue on stronger than ever for many, many years to come.