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With Honors: The Chestnut Hill School


At The Chestnut Hill School, an independent, all-gender school for children ages 3 through grade 6, we believe childhood optimism and enduring curiosity can transform the world. Here, students find meaning and joy in a diverse community that encourages all to question, to take risks, and to think critically. The Chestnut Hill School offers a rigorous math and literacy program along with special subjects ranging from art and music to technology and Spanish. An extended day program provides the chance for students to enjoy extracurricular activities such as karate, robotics, chess, and athletics in the same nurturing environment.The Chestnut Hill School is committed to offering financial assistance to qualified families.Go online to learn more about The Chestnut Hill School and what we offer.

Chestnut Hill, MA; 617-566-4394; tchs.org

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