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Boston Athenaeum

Home & Property

So You Want to Live in Beacon Hill?

1. Pick Your Price Point With the median sale price hovering around $2 million, Beacon Hill runs neck and neck with the Back Bay as […]

Roasted, multi-colored carrots are plated elegantly over a thick orange hummus, with vegetable ribbon garnish.

Folio Marks a New Chapter for the Boston Athenaeum

If you’re anything like the tourists who’ve been wandering off Boston Common and peering into the dark green jewel box attached to independent library the […]

Arts & Entertainment


Inventing Isabella An air of mystery surrounded Isabella Stewart Gardner. She had a reputation for defying expectations for her gender and class—she dared to be […]

Arts & Entertainment

What the Boston Athenaeum’s $17 Million Renovation Looks Like

The Boston Athenaeum isn’t the inner sanctum you may think it is—although it did start out that way. Among the nation’s largest independent membership libraries […]