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City Life

Mitt Romney and the Lost Cause

While for most Northerners, the Civil War is simply history, for many South Carolinians the war seems like unfinished business, still raw and rankling. “Sherman and his march to the sea” is not a phrase that should be uttered in polite company.

City Life

Mitt Romney's Two Fatal Flaws

Mitt Romney, the man-like-object running for the Republican presidential nomination, is likely to score back–to-back-to-back wins in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Intrade currently […]

City Life

Big-Headed Newt Gingrich is Nuts

To hear Newt tell the story, you might think that Judge Biery must have received his law degree from the Berkley on-line College of Free Love and Hot Law.

City Life

Must-See TV: GOP WrestleMania with Referee Donald Trump

So far, it is not unlike the great promos that are filled with fireworks, wild boasts made with the spittle flying and murderous assaults with folding chairs that are used to promote Pay Per View Steel Cage of Death Wrestlemania Matches.

City Life

As Tax Hike Looms, a Bell Tolls

The far right is attempting to both slash spending on popular social programs while shifting far more of the tax burden onto shoulders of the beleaguered middle-class.

City Life

The Sport of the Future: Mocking Newt Gingrich

Newt began by showing his film, “City on a Hill.” He calls it “a documentary.” It’s not. It’s an infomercial with Newt as the Tea Party version of the “Sham Wow!” guy.

City Life

Is the GOP De-Regulating Lies?

Essentially, regulation is how we sort out conflicts over who should bear the uncaptured costs of economic activity, such as power plants or cement factories, without resorting to knife fights.

City Life

The Sex Education of Mitt Romney

Now Mitt seeks the approval of social conservatives who want the government to be free once again to intrude into the most intimate and private affairs of people’s lives, “forcing their beliefs on others” and marching all the while under a banner on which is writ, in large Orwellian letters: “Freedom”.

City Life

Life Under President Mitt Romney?

The United States spends almost as much on its military as all the rest of the nations in the world combined.

City Life

GOP Debate Audience Makes Quite a Comeback

Outside – there was actually an attractive display of American democracy at its diverse and civil best.

But inside, up on the stage, it was a different story. There was blood on the floor early on.

Arts & Entertainment

Rick Perry and the 'Corruption of the Blood'

The brash Texan had to spend much of last week up in New Hampshire doing his penance and apology tour for having said what was probably the single most honest, admirable and straight forward thing he has uttered since he first stepped out onto the national stage.

City Life

Why the Recent GOP Debate Should Worry Republicans

The bipartisan panel found that the Fair Tax would increase the tax burden on the middle class, create the largest entitlement program in the history of the country and increase the size of government.

City Life

Ron Paul Could Be Your Man, If …

Mr. Paul is essentially a fearless defender of your baby’s freedom to die from Whooping cough because some unvaccinated California goober coughs in your direction on a BART train.

City Life

Mitt Romney Flips, and Mitt Romney Goes

candidates make a pilgrimage to the Palmetto State and engage in a contest to see who can call the most things “socialist.”

City Life

Rick Perry's Posse: Loosely Tethered to Reality

I read the entrails of the last goat I sacrificed. And I can tell you with total confidence, that none of these signs bode well for our country.