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What the Tech?

City Life

What the Tech?: The Napwell Face Mask Wakes You Up Slowly

While a quick nap feels great once your head hits the pillow, arising from a brief slumber often leaves people feeling groggy and out of […]

City Life

What The Tech?: Warren Tolman Wants Guns to Have Fingerprint-Only Access

If there is fingerprint access technology for smartphones, to keep the wrong person from using a device, why not do the same for guns? That’s […]

City Life

What the Tech?: You Can Now Find Parking In the Innovation District Using An App

Nobody enjoys sluggishly searching for an open parking spot in the busiest parts of Boston, as drivers stuck behind them lay on the horn in […]

City Life

What The Tech?: MIT Created A Bug-Like Device That Slowly Adds Alcohol To Your Beverage

Where else but MIT would a tiny device that uses science to slowly deliver alcohol into a drink be developed? Probably nowhere. Known as the […]

City Life

What the Tech?: This MIT Invention Shape-shifts By Replicating Hand Movements

Researchers at MIT are at it again, continuing to push the boundaries of physical space with projects that people at one time could have only […]

So Appy Together

Siri, the iPhone’s sassy personal assistant, was just the beginning. Right now, behavioral scientists are racing to develop a new generation of apps and programs that can mimic compassion, concern, and sympathy—technology they hope we will form relationships with, even fall in love with.