Sunrise, Sunset

Floral designers agree that there are no firm rules about using specific flowers in daytime vs. evening settings. The size and shape of the arrangement communicates more about its style than the blooms it includes. Daytime arrangements tend to be more loose and casual while evenings lean toward formal, sculptural designs.

“An arrangement with more textures and shapes has a wilder feel,” and would work better in a casual, daytime setting, says Jessica Wrobel, owner of Jwrobel in Ipswich. “An arrangement with a big open rose or lily gives the eye something to anchor on, and adds a little more formality to the piece.”

Still, there are certain flowers that convey the feel you want in a daytime wedding and others that are more appropriate for a nighttime soiree. Day choices include flowers that complement natural, outdoor settings:
• Daisies and gerbera daisies
• Genestra
• Irises
• Sweet peas
• Tulips
• Lilacs
• Hyacinths
• Hydrangeas
• Lisianthus
• Sunflowers

Evening choices tend to be traditional and more monochromatic. You might use:
• Peonies
• Orchids
• Amaryllises
• Calla lilies
• Stephanotises
• Roses