Stress Less


Could throwing punches help release pent-up aggression? I sign up for boxing lessons with personal trainer and former boxer Jeff Falkowski at the swank Equinox gym to find out. Before I can slip on the gloves, however, I’m subjected to a “health assessment,” which includes getting my fat pinched and other potentially stress-inducing fitness tests. But after a jump rope warmup, I start to learn the moves. Twenty minutes later, I’m putting all I’ve got into each punch, too focused on form to think about niggling wedding details. I’m left sweaty and totally exhilarated.

BOTTOM LINE: Boxing makes me feel like a badass—if clumsy—and ready to take charge. Equinox Fitness, 131 Dartmouth St., Boston, 617-578-8918,


The yogi’s relaxation theory is this: Tune into your body and quiet your mind, and you’ll be able to manage stressful thoughts —like how to pay for your honeymoon. I opt for Jen Malone’s Restorative Yoga class at Exhale, which, unlike sweat-yourself-silly power yoga, is all about dialing down. We only do a few poses during the hour-long class, like gentle backbends and forward folds, supported by pillows and straps. By the end, I’m practically snoring on my mat. The downside? I’m so unwound, I can barely speak. I’m ready to tackle my next challenge—after a little catnap.

BOTTOM LINE: For those feeling overwhelmed, a restorative class is just what the doctor ordered. Exhale Mind/Body Spa, 28 Arlington St., Boston, 617-532 7000,