Foodie Road Trip Redux

It’s just about this time that once a year, every year, the brilliant-hued notion dawns on local foodies to take a gastronomic day trip to some farflung restaurant. Noble plan—if only the target weren’t the same tried-and-true restaurants every time.

To demonstrate that there are journey-worthy culinary destinations beyond the excellent Fore Street in Portland, ME, and Simon Pearce in Queechee, VT, we put the pedal to the metal to come up with new and exciting (and appetizing) alternatives that probably aren’t on your radar yet, but should be.

After two months of driving and eating our way around New England, we’ve come up with a list of our favorites. Here are the six places you really need to hit before Boston’s annual hibernation season kicks in—ranked according to yumminess.

Click the links below for the results.

The List

1. Still River Café (Eastford, CT)
2. Hen of the Wood (Waterbury, VT)
3. 555 (Portland, ME)
4. Dressing Room (Westport, CT)
5. The Green Monkey (Portsmouth, NH)
6. Rubi’s Sandwiches (Great Barrington, MA)