Best Places to Live 2010

The ultimate guide for every kind of house hunter.

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Give us this: We’re loyal in the Hub. To our teams, to our politicians, to our belief in the efficacy of the car horn. That loyalty extends even to the places where we choose to settle down. Once people here find their first home, they tend to fall in love with a region and stick with it. They trade up, they downsize, they ogle property values in neighboring towns. They end up knowing either the top spots for clams on Route 1A or precisely how long it’ll take to navigate the I-93/I-95 split at 4:45 p.m. on a Friday, but rarely both.

With this in mind, Boston sought out the best places to live in six metro-area fiefdoms: City, South Shore, North Shore, Inland South, Inland North, and MetroWest. We combed through voluminous data (thank you, Massachusetts Association of Realtors and the Warren Group), polled Realtors and residents, interviewed town clerks, and scanned rec department brochures.

In each area, we’ve identified three kinds of communities: gold standards, best values, and a category we call “opportunity knocks,” consisting of unexpected deals and prospects for future appreciation. Our “gold standard” communities have it all—charm, amenities, schools to brag about, reasonable commutes (and, of course, the gilded prices to match). In keeping with these cost-conscious times, though, we also looked for towns delivering excellent quality of life with (generally) lower residential tax rates.

So whether you’re die-hard South Shore or swear by MetroWest schools, this is the guide for you. And if you’re a newcomer, read on to find out which burg you should call home.


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