Great Finds Under $400

Now that you’ve gifted others, it’s time to treat yourself. Here are seven affordable treasures—and one phenomenal splurge.

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Earth-Friendlier: Brelli umbrellas are designed to last -season after season. But if the weather still manages to ravage yours, its materials (bamboo, string, and PVC) will biodegrade. $48–$68, Koo de Kir.








Budding Talent: Brooklyn-based porcelain company KleinReid creates unique handglazed -vessels with subtle variations in shape and color, such as this bottle from their Hawthorne collection. $126, Patch NYC.


Reduce and Reuse: Rescued from landfills, these Boylan Bottling Company bottles were transformed into conversation-inducing -tumblers by the Green Glass Company. $10 each, ‘G’ Green Design Center.



Royal Seat: Though she’s pricey, Promemoria’s high-back nina chair in velvet or leather is sure to be the queen of the parlor. $7,875, Showroom.


Souper Service: Seletti’s designers wondered what would happen if they let loose their punk ambitions on trad serving pieces. Voilà! An intensely styled ceramic soup tureen with a dash of pink. $249,


No Bull: Straight from Argentina, these one-of-a-kind silver-and-horn candlesticks will add gaucho flair to your table. $249, Diseño.


Extra Cushioning: Handknotted Tibetan pillows encapsulate the tradition and heft of a thick Oriental rug, but are as pretty on a sofa as they are on the floor next to a roaring fire. $249, Michelle Willey.


Warmly Yours: Made in a traditional mill in Wales, Eleanor- Pritchard blankets are inspired by traditional Scottish tweeds, but have a decidedly modern feel. $335–$360, Lekker Home.