Taste of the Sea


Photo by Scott Goodwin

Move over, multivitamins: Seaweed — like the kind hand-harvested from the chilly waters of Maine — can also offer a healthful dose of calcium, iodine, and folate. And when stirred into soups, shredded over rice, or mixed with roasted veggies, Maine Seaweed’s low-impact kelp and alaria add depth and umami to your plate, as well. Locally, chef Susan Regis of UpStairs on the Square seasons the leaves with house-made orange oil, soy sauce, and rice wine before tossing them with garlic-roasted eggplant. For a light, fresh summer meal at home, simply marinate a few sheets, then chop and sprinkle over freshly grilled fish.

Available through Maine Seaweed at theseaweedman.com; Upstairs on the Square, 91 Winthrop St., Cambridge, 617-864-1933, upstairsonthesquare.com.