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Erin Byers Murray

Family Bonds

A young couple breathes new life into a Colonial Revival in Brookline.

Chain Gang

An Attleboro Falls company shows how chic and versatile metal can be — from jewelry to home decor and commercial textiles.

Modern Homebrew Emporium's brewer-in-chief Randy Baril

Craft Beer Pays My Bills: The Homebrew Guru

Modern Homebrew Emporium’s brewer-in-chief helps novices get in on the beer-making act.

Locavore brewers turn to Four Star Farms for sustainably grown hops.

Craft Beer Pays My Bills: The Hop Farmers

Locavore brewers turn to Four Star Farms for sustainably grown hops.

Malt Makers

Craft Beer Pays My Bills: The Malt Makers

How Valley Malt is bringing grain growing back to New England.

Blades of Glory

The country’s oldest — and finest — cutlery maker runs on good old-fashioned common sense.

Success, Squared

Kendall Square wasn’t supposed to be the next big neighborhood success story. But the sudden restaurant boom in the shadow of MIT is no mere fluke.

Jody Under Construction

In this era of celebrity chefs and restaurant empires, culinary powerhouse Jody Adams has dodged the spotlight for decades. But with a new Boston restaurant about to open, she’s finally embracing her personal brand. The question is: what took her so long?

Digging It

If you think the gnarly ginger root you find in grocery stores has kick, wait until you’ve tasted a knob of the freshly harvested stuff.

Fresh Idea: Chill Out

Light, fruity and portable, popsicles have nudged out ice cream as our favorite summer treat.

An urban couple merges two 1880s South End townhomes to create one stunning Euro-inspired nest.

Give the Pig a Break

Pork is the other white meat — but there are animals beyond the pig, and it’s high time we ate them too.

Taste of the Sea

Move over, multivitamins: there’s a new health food in town, and this one’s much tastier.

Table Talk

What’s heating up the city’s food scene.

Tastemaking: Hot Wheels

Food trucks finally roll into Boston this month. Who’s hungry?