The New Kids Are Hangin’ Tough

1201533206We made a lot of mistakes in the early 90’s. There was a lot of neon in our closets. We coveted Hammer Pants. Our wrists still bear some scars from our slap bracelets. But the one thing we never, ever regretted about those years was our love for New Kids On the Block. Joey, Jordan, Johnathan, Danny, and Donnie were everywhere in our rooms circa 1992, and we’ve always held out hope they’ll return to us.

Now it looks like they will.

That scrunchie-wearing corner of our hearts squealed with glee this morning when we read that our generation’s boy band may launch a reunion tour.

People magazine quotes a source as saying that the five guys from Boston, who formed in the mid-1980s and packed stadiums with their hits like “Hangin’ Tough,” are getting back together. . . . The magazine says an official announcement of the reunion will be made in the next few weeks.

The thought of watching five guys in their late 30s trying to reach the notes they could manage in their early teens makes us nervous. But since we’re still bitter that our mother didn’t let us see the band in their heyday, we’re totally going to try to get tickets. (Our best friend Bridget MacElhaney’s parents let her go, but we couldn’t go and it was so unfair.)

If you need us, we’ll be dieting to get back down to a size where we can wear our old NKOTB t-shirts and hoping Joey Mac runs away with us.