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Great Scott May Live on in a New Spot: The Old Regina Pizzeria in Allston

Great Scott lives….. maybe! The organizer behind a campaign to save the legendary Boston music venue has gone public about the fact that he’s identified […]

City Life

Crowdfunding Can Save Boston’s Beloved Businesses—Until It Can’t

It was like something out of an inspiring movie: Historic Allston rock club Great Scott, like so many small businesses during the pandemic, was out […]

City Life

Introducing “The Scott,” a Hellish Vision of Great Scott’s Future

“The Scott” had all the hallmarks of a gentrification nightmare: renderings of a cookie-cutter condo tower rising from the site of a beloved cultural institution, […]

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My Life in the Age of COVID: Camp Blood

As the COVID-19 pandemic upends every aspect of Boston life, we’re checking in with some local residents to learn how they’re processing our new normal. […]

Arts & Entertainment

Your New Quarantine Playlist, Curated by Boston Artists

We’ve been living our new, sanitized, socially distanced, faced-masked lives for nearly two months now. You’ve stained all your favorite sweatshirts. The novelty of fun […]