Lisa Weidenfeld

Senior Digital Editor at Boston Magazine

Lisa Weidenfeld joined the Boston magazine team in 2015, and has written about the arts, politics, prominent local sea lions, and more.

jamie ducharme big vape
Arts & Entertainment

How Did Juul Rise So Fast and Crash So Hard?

Time health correspondent Jamie Ducharme explores the saga in Big Vape: The Incendiary Rise of Juul.

City Life

Boston Magazine Won Five City and Regional Magazine Awards

It was the second most among all city magazines.

City Life

Please, PLEASE Stop Changing the Name of the Waterfront Pavilion Concert Venue

There cannot possibly be any banks left.

City Life

Sole of the City

I used to spend my days strolling the streets of Boston and Cambridge. Then the pandemic struck, and I no longer had anywhere to go. That’s when the journey really began.

City Life

Boston Magazine Was Just Nominated for 17 City and Regional Magazine Awards

For general excellence, writer of the year, online columns, and so much more.

City Life

Get Konnected! Announces List of Most Impactful Black Women in Boston

It’s the first edition of the list from the networking group.

City Life

Vaccines May Be Here, but Getting Back to Regular Life Is Going to Take Some Time

After a full year of isolation and endless TV, books, and takeout, what is normal, anyway?

bucket space saver
City Life

I’ve Given It Some Thought, and Space Savers Are Good Now

It has nothing to do with the fact that I got a car.

City Life

Settle in with Some Hot Chocolate and Read the Best Longreads of the Year

What better way to pass some time before 2021 begins?

City Life

What I Miss Most: Standing in a Giant Crowd of Strangers

As the pandemic winds endlessly on, communal experiences seem further and further away.

despairing cook

Fun Holiday Quarantine Recipes When the Thought of Cooking Makes You Want to Set Your Kitchen on Fire

Cooking inspo has arrived.

woman facedown on sofa
City Life

Five New Hobbies to Distract Yourself from the Horrifying Prospect of a Quarantined Boston Winter

A supremely helpful guide to your next six months and/or years.

candace mcduffie
Arts & Entertainment

Q&A: Candace McDuffie on 50 Rappers Who Changed the World

The Boston-based music journalist has a new book out exploring the history and influence of hip hop.

person peering through window blinds
City Life

Does Anyone Else Feel like the Only Person Who Stayed inside All Summer?

Social media-induced FOMO during a pandemic is a complicated emotion.

dentist chair

The Dentist Will Screen You Now

I never feared going to have my teeth cleaned. Then the pandemic hit.