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Lisa Weidenfeld

Senior Digital Editor at Boston Magazine

Lisa Weidenfeld joined the Boston magazine team in 2015, and has written about the arts, politics, city life, and more.

The Lazy Susans on the Kelly Clarkson Show
Arts & Entertainment

The Kelly Clarkson Show Came Calling for the Lazy Susans

The group, a pandemic project started by a group of suburban moms, has proved to be a source of joy and inspiration during a dark time.

City Life

Boston Magazine Received 20 National City and Regional Magazine Award Nominations

We’re awfully proud.

City Life

Bostonian by Choice

The debate over who counts as a local has been raging for decades. Finally, we have the answer.

(L to R) Croke, Trenton Pagans President Tim “Pita” Fowler, Trenton chapter sergeant-at-arms Raymond “Bluto” Hamilton, and Long Island chapter President John “J.R.” Ebeling.
Arts & Entertainment

Riding with Evil Preview: Read What It’s Like to Go Undercover with a Biker Gang

The new book dives into former ATF agent Ken Croke’s years embedded with the Pagans.

sarah lancashire julia hbo max
Arts & Entertainment

Take a Peek at the First Trailer for the New Julia Child Show

It premieres on HBO Max on March 31.

fort foster

Nine Must-Visit Stops on a New England Road Trip

Courtesy of Miles Howard, author of the new guidebook, Moon New England Road Trip.

Michael Urie, Jennifer Coolidge, Single All the Way
Arts & Entertainment

What to Stream over the Holidays If You Love Boston

Or just if you’re bored. No prior Boston knowledge necessary, but it is going to show up in the list a lot.

City Life

Five Things That Will Probably Happen Before the Green Line Extension Finally Opens

At this rate, even happy hours might make a comeback before the forever-delayed new station arrives.

City Life

Grayer, but Stronger

After more than 18 months of pandemic life, how I learned to live with me, myself, and whoever this new person in the mirror is.

boston public garden fall

How to Have the Perfect Fall Foliage Day in Boston

Complete with scenic views and, of course, a place to get a cider doughnut.

jury duty summons
City Life

You’re Not Imagining Things: More People Are Getting Called for Jury Duty Right Now

But just in comparison to the last year.

City Life

Why I Don’t Like Golf but Learned to Play Anyway

Hint: It isn’t because of the recent boom in popularity (and it definitely has nothing to do with the clothes).

tailwind seaplane
City Life

I Tried It: The Boston Harbor Seaplane

clamming rake

The Best Places to Go Clamming near Boston

Rake in clams and steamers by the quart—as long as you don’t mind digging through the mud.

jamie ducharme big vape
Arts & Entertainment

How Did Juul Rise So Fast and Crash So Hard?

Time health correspondent Jamie Ducharme explores the saga in Big Vape: The Incendiary Rise of Juul.