Rejoice For Unto Us a (Brady) Child Is Born

Tom and Gisele have a girl. In keeping with the prophecies of that great prophet People Magazine, Gisele Bündchen has given birth to her second child with Tom Brady. Vivian Lake is her name, according to Gisele's Facebook. Welcome to Earth Vivian, where you can look forward to a long life of appearing on Suri Cruise's blog and playing second fiddle to Blue Ivy Carter. [Gisele's Facebook/People]

Quincy Baby Jesus statue recovered. Speaking of babies appearing, a man walking his dog has found the fiberglass statue of Jesus Christ that had gone missing from a Nativity scene in Quincy. People seem to be confusing Christmas with Easter because the statue has twice before gone missing and required a hunt to recover it , and was once spray painted. Baby Jesus statues are not Easter eggs, people. Do not paint or hide them. [Patriot Ledger]

An alleged child abuser in Wakefield. A horrifying story out of Wakefield, where a man who ran an unlicensed daycare with his wife has been charged with recording himself sexually abusing 13 children. Perhaps the weirdest bit of the unfolding story is that neighbors say the wife warned them not to leave their kids with her husband even as she left the daycare charges with him for years. [Boston Herald]

The Green Line driver's second job. The Green Line conductor fired by the MBTA after crashing into another trolley worked a second job at the Boston Housing Authority. The two jobs together netted him around $100,000 a year and made for what sounds like a crazy grueling schedule. [Boston Globe]

The bike crash victim is identified as a BU student. The 23-year-old who died when his bike collided with a tractor-trailer on Commonwealth Avenue was identified as a BU photojournalism graduate student. This is the second BU student to die in a bicycle accident in less than a month. [BU Today]