Jimmy Fallon Turned Up in Boston

He was here as part of his preparation to take over the Tonight Show.

Future “Tonight Show” host and fictional Red Sox superfan Jimmy Fallon turned up at Quincy Market in Boston Friday, jamming with street musicians, and meeting with Mayor Tom Menino. His rep tells us he was here to visit local NBC affiliate WHDH, and though he was only in town for a few hours, he found a moment to stop by Faneuil Hall. (It’s not far from the station’s office.)

Because Boston is really great at playing it cool around celebrities and acting like these things are no big deal, his appearance was greeted with mild shrugs. Haha, just kidding, everyone freaked out and tweeted and took pictures and quit their jobs to devote their days to full-time stalking.

And who can blame them? Remember what happened last time Fallon hung out in Boston for a Red Sox post season? Hint: It involved rewriting the ending to a certain movie thanks to a certain reversal of a certain curse…