Bill Belichick Laughed in the Face of Deflategate

'We're just out there playing the game doing the best we can.'

While most of the Patriots have been making TV appearances left and right—Gronkowski on Kimmel, Edelman and Butler at the Grammys—man of the hour himself Bill Belichick crawled out from hole he was hiding in to show up on Wednesday night’s Late Show.

The Pats coach had a few words—very few words—to say about the Deflategate scandal. Even with a little push from Letterman, he remained as sour-faced as ever.

The initial exchange went as such:

Letterman: “I know you know exactly what happened. You know I know you know exactly what happened. And what it was, was some kind of horseplay. Am I right?”

Belichick: “No.”

Letterman: “I was told it was horseplay.”

Belichick: “No.”

Well, slow down there, Belichick. Don’t overwhelm us with details. But alas, Belichick cracked a brief smile when Letterman make a urinating joke.

Oh, Belichick. Never change.