Has Super Troopers 2 Already Started Filming in Massachusetts?

The sequel to the cult classic may have kicked off production over the weekend.

Super Troopers 2 / Screenshot / Vimeo

Super Troopers 2 / Screenshot / Vimeo

Film crews were spotted near the Quabbin Reservoir on Saturday for what appeared to be the start of production for the upcoming Super Troopers sequel.

According to WWLP, park rangers confirmed that the area was closed for filming on Saturday, but they wouldn’t reveal whether or not it was for Super Troopers 2. Despite the secrecy, cast member Steve Lemme was seen on set over the weekend, so we’re pretty sure the sequel has kicked off filming in Massachusetts.

Several stars from the original comedy have posted pictures from the scenic location on social media as well.

Kevin Heffernan tweeted out a photo on Saturday of co-star Jay Chandrasekhar donning a mustache while standing in front of a state police vehicle near the Quabbin Reservoir.

Heffernan also made an appearance in an Instagram post by cast member Erik Stolhanske, which celebrated the start of shooting for Super Troopers 2.

The upcoming comedy got the go ahead after crowdfunding over $2 million in one day through an Indigogo campaign set up by production comedy Broken Lizard.

The project ended up raising over $4.5 million in total and is the “second-most successful crowdfunding campaign for a movie,” according to Variety.

A recent update on Broken Lizard’s website stated that filming would start “just outside of Boston” on October 5 and that the cast and crew would be living in town for a couple of months.

“That’s right, after all those playful digs we’ve made about Boston, we’re going to be living there for 2 months,” the production company said in the post. “Somebody pinch us.”