Ben Affleck Helped Matt Damon Sneak onto Jimmy Kimmel Live

'I've been figuratively carrying him for years.'

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE: AFTER THE OSCARS - The 11th annual "Jimmy Kimmel Live: After The Oscars" special airs live on Oscar Sunday, February 28, after the late local news EST/CST and at 10pm PST on ABC. (ABC/Randy Holmes) MATT DAMON, BEN AFFLECK, JIMMY KIMMEL

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Rany Holmes / ABC

Matt Damon may not have won an Academy Award on Sunday night, but at least one of his dreams came true.

The Boston-bred actor has been trying for years to be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and thanks to some help from his buddy Ben Affleck, that finally happened during the late night show’s “After the Oscars” special.

Since Damon and Kimmel are in a perpetual faux feud that even couples therapy can’t fix, the Batman v Superman star attempted to slyly sneak his friend onto the stage using a harness and an enormous overcoat.

Kimmel, obviously, caught wind of the gag pretty quickly and wasn’t happy with Affleck over the ruse.

“I’m upset with you more than him about this,” Kimmel said. “You get to decide when to bury the hatchet? Do you what he’s done to me?”

While the late night host told Damon that the appearance didn’t technically count as a guest spot, the actor still couldn’t help himself and reveled in getting the chance to sit on stage.

“This feels amazing,” Damon said.

Unfortunately, Damon’s appearance was a bit short-lived, as he was eventually carted out by Guillermo.

Kimmel was still pretty mad at the actor, but still decided to show a photo of Affleck and a smiling Damon from their first appearance at the Oscars for Good Will Hunting, where they were accompanied by their mothers.

“He gets the reputation for being the nice guy, I swear to God,” Affleck joked. “I’ve been figuratively carrying him for years.”

Check out the hilarious clip below.