Reddit User Discovers Patriots Easter Egg in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

A hawkeyed redditor has unearthed an interesting reference to New England players.

Captain America

Chris Evans in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Photo by Zade Rosenthal / Marvel

It’s no secret that Chris Evans is a huge fan of the New England Patriots.

The Boston-bred actor recently attended a red carpet event for Captain America: Civil War with Danny AmendolaRob Gronkowski sadly couldn’t make it—but it seems that Evans love for the team goes even deeper.

A hawkeyed Reddit user has discovered what appears to be a Patriots-themed easter egg in the 2014 Marvel blockbuster Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The blink-and-you-miss-it nod seems to reference players ranging from Tom Brady to Julian Edelman.

User tomcat810 posted his findings in the Patriots subreddit, accompanied by a screenshot of the easter egg, which is a list of names that are eerily similar to current and former players.

“Someone tell me I’m not crazy,” the user wrote. “I think someone at Marvel is a Pats fan!”

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The list is from a scene where the villainous organization HYDRA attempts to eliminate potential threats using flying super weapons known as Helicarriers, which were developed by the government. While the movie doesn’t directly reference any players, the pseudonyms are pretty close to their real world counterparts.

Here’s a breakdown of the list.

  • Gen. Julian Addelman: Julian Edelman
  • Jerod Allen: Jerod Mayo and Ryan Allen
  • Ofcr. Daniel Amendan: Danny Amendola
  • Thomas Brody: Tom Brady
  • Austin Collibe: Austin Collie
  • Sally Collins: Jamie Collins
  • Chandler Fletcher: Chandler Jones and Dane Fletcher
  • Sebastian Jones: Sebastian Vollmer
  • Ofcr. Brandon Mallett: Ryan Mallett
  • James Solder: Nate Solder
  • Jeffrey Welker: Wes Welker

Since the movie was filmed in 2013, it’s no surprise that many of the names seem to reference players from that year’s roster. We have to ask, though, where’s Gronkowski?

Hopefully Evans can coax Marvel to add a Gronk cameo to the next Avengers.

And if Evans and Robert Downey Jr. ever need a break from playing Captain America and Iron Man, it looks like Brady and Edelman have them covered.