Mindy Kaling Talks About Her ‘Morbid’ Fans on Jimmy Kimmel Live

They have an interesting way of paying tribute to the Mindy Project star.

Mindy Kaling

Photo by ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ / ABC via Youtube / Screenshot

Mindy Kaling is flattered to have so many fans, but she wishes some of them were a bit more cheerful.

The Mindy Project star and Cambridge native stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night and chatted with the late-night host about the morbid way her supporters like to show their love.

Apparently t-shirts emblazoned with the phrase, “If I die tell Mindy Kaling that I love her,” have become super popular among Kaling’s fans, and the actress is a little concerned.

“I wish that these young women who are wearing them could be a fan of mine without the specter of death involved in it,” Kaling said. “I love it, it’s just very morbid.”

Kaling thinks she’s found the culprit behind this fascination into moribund topics: young adult novels.

“There’s all these books now with the young people dying, this Romeo and Juliet thing of like, ‘I don’t want to live past 16 or whatever,'” she said. “I just want to be like, ‘Hey chill, you can grow old and be my fan.'”

Check out more from Kaling’s interview with Kimmel below.