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Clea Simon

Don't just blindly zap at the nearest department stores—personalize your registry to let each of you shine.

His & Hers

Create your own floral arrangements with homegrown cutting gardens.

Bouquet Style

A wedding with flowers in a lighter shade of pale can be electrifying.

White Lightning

On the website for Boxx Furniture, slick animated graphics and funky intro music make it easy to miss this South End company’s milder alter ego as a tasteful purveyor of minimalist custom furnishings. But that’s exactly what it is.

Style Cubed

With pretty designs and fun new materials, it’s easy to find bakeware

Hot Stuff

From Fenway Park to the Boston Public Library, these landmark venues provide the perfect backdrop for the Big Day.

Making History

Fruit-filled wedding cakes put the cherry on top of your celebration.

Passion Fruit

Your back yard can become an oasis, whatever your passion .

Field of Dreams

Low-impact building and remodeling comes of age.

The Green House

Between your great ideas and your architect’s know-how is one key step: communication.

Design Dialogue

The modern wet bar shakes things up with sophisticated martini dens, juice bars, and showcases for wine.

Raising the Bar

Ornamental grass isn't just a fixture at the beach; sweeping blades add a fresh look to traditional gardens and modern landscaping alike.

Blades of Glory

Muralist John S. Coles creates wall-to-wall art.

A Room with a View

Bold colors inspire the fun designs Amy Van Aarle creates in her Manchester-by-the-Sea studio.

Glow-To Girl