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Greg Lalas

With women way past liberated and our collective libido in hyperdrive, it’s a glorious time to be a guy. For the desperate ones not getting any, though, the shame has never stung worse. Fortunately for them, seduction guru Vin DiCarlo has the solut

A Portrait of the Pickup Artist as a Young Man

For some seniors, the doctor’s office is now onscreen.

Phoning it in

Your medical history, just a click away.

On the record

An ingenious injectable gel reinvents surgery for an injury that vexes young athletes.

Whole new game plan

High-tech scanners give emergency room doctors a lifesaving tool.

Image Makeover

Companies like Netflix and Amazon.com have no problem telling you what someone else likes. Cambridge firm ChoiceStream is working to figure out what you want—even before you do.

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We all wonder if there’s something better out there for us. A bigger job. A fatter paycheck. But landing the ulti-mate deal in Boston’s topsy-turvy market is nerve-wracking at best. How great would it be to have someone do it for you?

Why Everyone Needs an Agent

Secrecy. Misinformation. Retaliation. you might expect some rogue business to be run this way — but not one of the nation's top public radio stations.

Harvard Square's been lost to chains, Porter Square to yuppies. But the stretch of Massachusetts Avenue that connects the two proves it's sometimes cooler in the in-between.

Chris Ohiri arrived at Harvard in 1960 holding all the promise of NigeriaÕs new independence. Six years later, as his country descended into tyranny, he was struck down.

Joe Thornton is finally living up to the hype. But can the Bruins' 23-year-old captain lead the team to the Stanley Cup?

New York shock jocks, the same damn songs played over and over, media megamonsters — who took the “Boston” out of Boston radio?

Two decades ago, Jim Koch and his Boston Beer Company launched a microbrew revolution. Now, amid swirling rumors of the movement’s demise in the face of competition from cleverly marketed mass-produced imports and American truck-stop brews, New Engla

A neighborhood guide: Often bypassed by commuters, Somerville's Union Square is becoming a place to stop and stay awhile.

Two years ago, if you weren't a millionaire, or a billionaire even, you were nobody. But money is only a number on a computer screen, and as easily as it's made, it's lost. Now, near the end of the recession and in the middle of a war, th