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Jason Feifer

Loony Tunes

With Taj Tunes, Cambridge businessman Dave Hui has outsourced the singing telegram. The songs are hysterical—as long as you don’t think about what you’re really laughing at.

The Prince Is a Pauper

William Lobkowicz left Boston for the Czech Republic with dreams of reclaiming his family’s stolen royal fortune. Turns out, that’s been the easy part.

The Ultimate Boston Salary Guide: Who Makes What Where (& Why)

From a fledgling scientist’s $29,000 to an über-landlord’s $42 million (and maybe, if you’re lucky, a few of your coworkers’)—Boston paychecks, laid bare.

Duck, Duck Lawsuit!

With a new competitor roiling the waters, the business of toting around boatloads of quack-happy tourists has turned downright cutthroat. And the legal fight’s not the half of it.

The Rag That Would Save Newspapers

Our new daily, BostonNow, is easy to poke fun at. But the ideas it’s built on just might be what the foundering news business needs.

The thinking behind free commuter newspapers goes like this: You don’t have time for a traditional broadsheet or tabloid, what with their many paragraphs and all. But now that BostonNow has joined the Metro, how’s a Bostonian to

The Condensed Condensed News

City Journal: Senior Year

Senior Year

Does a high school need its own full-service restaurant? It does if it’s the new Newton North. We take an early look at what’s so special about Massachusetts’ most expensive school.

Too Cool for School?

Canton-based Casual Male was a washed-up company in a dead-end business, until its new CEO boosted sales and got competitors racing to enter the once maligned men’s big and tall niche. How David Levin cracked the toughest riddle in retail.

Thinking Big

The perils of Boston’s worst phone extension.

Wrong Number

Just when the Christian Science Monitor’s future looks bright, star reporter Jill Carroll goes on hiatus.

A Star Is Born, Then Bolts

Boston wedding band Night Shift, primed for a summer tour of local ballrooms, takes its cues from leader and bassist BILL GARSIDE.

Hitting the Right Note